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Containment and Breathability in One Film

About Rapid Roper

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The RAPID ROPER® Sustainable Ventilated Containment System is designed to optimize the handling of fresh produce and other products requiring ventilation.


By utilizing Rapid Film, the Rapid Roper System provides outstanding load containment while maintaining air flow.

In tests conducted on a typical citrus pallet in an operation producing 500 pallets per day year round, Rapid Roper achieved the following:

  • 75% greater load stability: Proven in multiple transport simulation tests.

  • 72% reduction in packaging material costs: $335K in packaging material cost savings plus $5K in tipping fees for material shipped to the landfill.

  • 91% reduction in packaging waste: 5.40 lbs of cornerboard and straps used on each pallet produced annually 783K lbs of waste sent to the landfill. This was replaced with .46 lbs of stretch wrap producing 67K lbs of recyclable material.

  • At least 50% reduction in greenhouse gas generation: The savings is a combination of reduced material usage and significantly enhanced throughput savings. (Two to four times more pallets can be wrapped between roll changeovers.)

  • Rapid Film is recycle-ready. Customers are currently recycling it back into industrial films used for wraps and bags. Thus, non-recyclable palletizing materials can be eliminated.

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