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keeping you in the loop on your system performance

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Causing customer complaints and high product loss costs due to load failures and rejected loads

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Incurred from applying excessive amounts of film and secondary packaging materials to prevent freight damage

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Line disruptions caused by long wrap times, web breaks and frequent roll changeovers

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Finding a containment solution that addresses sustainability initiatives without higher material costs or compromised performance

did you know?

A study by OSHA found that the weird positions of
hand-wrapping pallets puts your employees at risk for musculoskeletal disorders.

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Rapid Roper

keeps you in the loop on your
system performance

One look at your Rapid IQ dashboard tells you all you need to know about the efficiency of your systems, with continual real-time feedback on any downtime or interruptions along with monitoring machine settings, pallet wrap times, number of wraps, and cost per pallet.

You set the parameters you wish to monitor, such as wrap count, wrap speed, and machine settings, to maintain your containment standard and cost her pallet. Once that’s set, Rapid IQ manages by exception – as long as everything is in range, you don’t need to do a thing. If something falls outside of the limits you’ve set, you’ll receive a notification so the problem can quickly be identified and corrected.

Best of all, because Rapid IQ a secure web-based system, you can manage multiple lines and even multiple locations, all from one dashboard.

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