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Sustainable Thinking

Most major companies have adopted stringent sustainability initiatives to accomplish the goal of reducing carbon footprint, including the recycling of plastics.

We all want to do our part in moving toward sustainable solutions. But the simple truth is that most recycling is not actually recycled. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, less than 6% of plastic “recycling” is recycled, and the quality diminishes with each attempt.

The best path to sustainability is through source reduction.

Enter Rapid Bander and Rapid Roper.

Rapid Bander and Rapid Roper reduce film consumption by up to 50% on average, while at the same time giving you superior load containment. Add to that the elimination of any corner boards, strapping, and tier sheets you may be using, as well as reduced run time of your equipment per pallet wrapped, and the reduction of packaging costs approaches 90%. Factor in the elimination of lost product entering the waste stream due to load failure, and reduction becomes almost incalculable.

But don’t take our word for it – simply schedule a demonstration with one of our stretch wrap experts. We’ll conduct a thorough value analysis, giving you an exact comparison of your pallets wrapped with your current material usage, load containment, and cost per pallet wrapped, versus the same pallets wrapped with Rapid Bander.

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